One Door Closes, Another Opens

March 19th, 2012by Jessica Green

After going to school at Francis Tuttle for a year and a half, I took on a part-time (30 hours a week) paid internship at T&S Web Design for experience, real life scenarios, and a school assignment. At first, I was not very enthusiastic about this internship, paid or not. I have 3 kiddos at home, and I was committing to go to school from 8 AM – 11 AM, then work from 12 PM – 6 PM. I was more than surprised when I would come home every day with a lot of new knowledge and experiences to share with my husband, and he was thrilled that I enjoyed it so much! It was also extremely exhausting getting home at 6:30 to cook and eat dinner, then get the kids in bed. Not having time for my children, my husband, and even myself was starting to wear on me, but I really enjoyed my job and had a lot of fun at work.

A couple months went by and I was finished with school. Yay! Luckily, I already had a job which I was thankfully able to start full time immediately. It was actually a little easier on me with since I did not have to worry about school work anymore. I enjoyed my job every day because I was constantly learning and using new information. I rarely did one thing so long that I got sick of it – just occasionally, but I’d be doing something new the day after. The best part about my T&S experience is all of the variety of knowledge and business operating techniques that I picked up in the process. It turned me in to the well-rounded web developer I am today.

Having recently left T&S to start DeLynn Designs, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on my children’s and my terms and schedule. I’m finally where I want to be: working for myself, doing something I love, and having plenty of time for family dinners and love!

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